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BODEGAS SOBREÑO is a family-run winery set up in 1998 with the aim of producing first-class wines for the most demanding markets with an exceptional grape variety, Tinta de Toro, clon of Tempranillo.

Roberto San Ildefonso and his brother Javier arrived in Toro following a tour of the main Spanish wine producing areas and were enthused by the potential of the grape variety they found here. In the last years, they were joined by Roberto's daughter Paloma, a token of the San Ildefonso family’s commitment to offering its clients -now and in the future- elegant wines with their own, unique personality.

The winery produces its wines with painstaking care from the very start of the process: the land. FINCA SOBREÑO has 80 Ha of vineyards, more than half of which are more than 35 years old. A quarter of its vineyards qualify for ecological production.

FINCA SOBREÑO is a modern winery, adapted to the latest technologies, but at the same time it is a staunch supporter of traditional winegrowing methods and sustainable agriculture as an essential part of its strategy.

As a token of its commitment to the environment and quality, the winery obtained the ISO 9001 certificate in 2003 and the IFS protocol shortly afterwards.

Bodegas Sobreño
Bodegas Sobreño

Nuestros Vinos

Sobreño centra su actividad en vinos tintos limpios, brillantes, muy equilibrados, con un carácter fuerte, mostrando esa personalidad del intenso color rojo de los vinos de Toro, que siempre han merecido tantos elogios.

Sobreño selecciona una uva excelente de pequeño tamaño y madura, controlando rigurosamente la producción. Estas son algunas de las claves de los vinos de calidad que en esta bodega se elaboran sin traicionar las raíces de los caldos de la zona.

En la actualidad se elaboran unas 500.000 botellas anuales de las que el 70 % se exporta a más de 16 países, destacando Unión Europea, Estados Unidos y Japón.


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