Our Winery in Toro

Located in the municipality of Toro and surrounded by a 24-hectare vineyard, the winery was built in 1999, inspired by the traditional architecture of the area. A modern and functional winery designed to produce exceptional fine wines by efficiently enhancing the character of the ancient vines and incorporating the latest technical developments.

The winemaking process is carried out in a stainless steel vat room. These vats stand out for their proportions, as they are lower and wider than usual to make wines with deeper colours and more intense aromas. Adjoining this room are the barrel cellar and the bottle room, which have a special thermal and acoustic design to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

The upper floor features a large reception room. Our roots in the land and the decision to tread on solid ground led the winery to build the tasting room on the 15th-century floor of the church of Castro Verde de Campos (Zamora), possibly one of the oldest in the area. The rest of the decoration is in the traditional Castilian style, with tables made of restored threshing boards (traditional local farming implements).

Our Winery in ToroOur Winery in ToroOur Winery in ToroOur Winery in Toro

The Vineyard

All our vineyards produce the region's native variety: Tinta de Toro. An exceptional grape that bears great similarity to the Tempranillo variety. However, the Tinta de Toro variety produces smaller grapes with thicker skins than Tempranillo. The colour, anthocyanins (which provide the aromas) and tannins (which give the wines their structure), among other factors, are more concentrated.

Most of the vineyard is located on poor limestone soils, with a clay subsoil that provides the vines with water during the summer. The vineyards are covered in large stones that favour the ripening of the grapes, as they accumulate heat during the day in August and September and release it during the cold nights.
In addition, many vines are pre-phylloxera, i.e. ungrafted vines planted directly without the need for rootstocks, which provides the vines with extraordinary longevity.

Sobreño currently owns 80 hectares of vineyards, more than half of which are over 30 years old. These vineyards are spread throughout the area of the designation of origin but never too far away to ensure the grapes do not suffer on the way to the winery, which is located on a 24-hectare estate planted with vines.
We also control a further 90 hectares owned by local vine growers, with whom we have worked closely, in most cases, since our first seasons.

We are convinced of the importance of caring for our environment and the biodiversity surrounding us and preserving soils that are full of life. Undoubtedly the best legacy we can leave for future generations. This will also allow the vines to produce their best legacy and offer us grapes full of aromas and flavour that better express the terroir.
For this reason, we do not use herbicides or synthetic products in any of our vineyards and half of our vineyards are certified as organic.

The VineyardThe VineyardThe VineyardThe Vineyard